Louvain-la-Neuve – Fagus

Old beech stand from 1884 mixed with old oaks.

This stand located in the bois de Lauzelle (50.6805N, 4.603E), next to the city of Louvain-la-Neuve, is part of the European long-term forest monitoring network (level II plot of ICP-forests). It has been classically managed as an even-aged stand. In 2000, the understorey was completely absent due to the high density of the forest cover. Since then, dynamic thinnings have strongly opened the canopy and allowed the development of regeneration which now covers large areas of the plot.

Main stand characteristics in 2018:

  • Density: 85 trees/ha
  • Basal area: 26.6 m²/ha
  • Mean girth: 199 cm
  • Dominant height: 32.4 m

Input files for HETEROFOR: