Old Douglas fir plantation from 1955 progressively converted into uneven-aged stand.

This stand located in the Ardenne near Libramont (49.9435N, 5.387E) is situated within a pilot forest managed according to the close-to-nature principles (Pro Silva) and is part of the IRRES network installed to study the conversion of even-aged stands into uneven-aged ones. The conversion into uneven-aged stand is quite recent and has been initiated by the creation of harvesting paths. The Douglas fir regeneration is young but very abundant.

Main stand characteristics in 2018:

  • Density: 180 trees/ha
  • Basal area: 43.5 m²/ha
  • Volume: 550 m³/ha
  • Mean girth: 174 cm
  • Dominant height: 38 m

Input files for HETEROFOR: