Old Norway spruce stand from 1930 treated according to the continuous-cover forestry.

This stand is located in the Eastern part of the Ardenne close to Bullange (50.362N, 6.309E) and is part of the IRRES network installed to study the conversion of even-aged stands into uneven-aged ones. The applied continuous-cover management aims at preserving as long as possible this remarkable spruce forest which presents individuals up to 50 m high. Spruce regeneration is abundant with regularly recruited saplings. The numerous rowan trees found in the understorey arise from presence of a former enclosure which protected them from browsing.

Main stand characteristics in 2018:

  • Density: 355 trees/ha
  • Basal area: 35.0 m²/ha
  • Mean girth: 111 cm
  • Dominant height: 34.6 m

Input files for HETEROFOR: